Healthiest Foods

I know that this is Monday, but this Flashback Friday: What Are the Healthiest Foods? post by Michael Greger, M.D., caught my attention.

Posted on Friday, January 4, Dr. Greger explains the latest dietary guidelines and tells you the foods that you should eliminate from your diet.

Since it’s beginning in  1990, my Slender For Life™  Weight Loss Hypnosis program has known that the healthiest foods are whole-grain plant based foods.

Over the years, I have supported hundreds of people in creating healthy desires for food that makes them healthy, slender and trim and to have a large amount of no desire for the Standard American Diet that makes you fat and sick.

Healthiest Foods

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Flashback Friday: What Are the Healthiest Foods?

Dr. Michael Greger: “So, the foods to emphasize in one’s diet are unprocessed, unrefined, plant-derived foods, which in general lack the disease-promoting components, and, as the Dietary Guidelines Committee put it, these foods contain not only the essential vitamins and minerals, but also hundreds of naturally-occurring phytonutrients that may protect against cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and other chronic health conditions.”

Read Flashback Friday: What Are the Healthiest Foods?

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I choose health and wellness with plant-based food.

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