What have we done to our food supply? A few weeks ago (December 26th) I blogged about diacetyl and commercial food workers. According to the Seattle PI, a Denver man has filed a law suit claiming he developed popcorn lung from eating 2 bags of microwave popcorn a day.

You gotta wonder what anyone would be thinking that they would eat 2 bags of microwave popcorn each day but even so, this is more evidence that there are hidden bombs in the food supply.

What are we doing? And what is the FDA thinking in approving cloned meatfor human consumption? We just don’t know what the possible affects are from cloned meat and may not know for generations when its tool late. Since I don’t eat meat, I know that I won’t intentionally be eating any meat from a cloned animal. Even so, it seems outrageous to me that cloned meat will not have to be labeled so that people have a choice.

In a conversation with a client he was asking how he could quit all his old unhealthy habits, like eating microwave popcorn everyday, eating too much meat and too much dairy and too many lattes at Starbucks. He is a new Slender For Life™ client and I have not yet begun to formally teach him self-hypnosis. Using hypnotherapy he will be able to change his likes and dislikes and end his cravings for junk food and have healthy desires for food that truly will nourish his body. We used hypnosis led by me in our session and he listening to his weight loss hypnotherapy CDs

Adam@home has another great one – how are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions?