Death Doula

In recent months I’ve been posting quite a bit about End-of-Life care and so it’s only natural that many of you have been asking me, “What is a death doula?”

With that question in mind, I am happy to share with you  an Ask a Death Doula podcast with Suzanne B. O’Brien RN that answers this question.

End-of-Life is inevitable and we need to do much more to support both patients and families; ensuring the experience is as positive as possible. Nine out of ten people poled say they want to be kept home if they have a terminal diagnosis.

Many end of life care experts agree that over the course of the next decade, there will be a great rise in demand for alternative care services in order to accommodate the aging Baby Boomer generation and keep people at home during end of life.

Death Doula

Kelley T. Woods and I are excited to host the Doulagivers Certified End-of-Life Doula Training April 20, 21 & 22, in Seattle and online worldwide.

Death Doulas care for the whole person

What is a Death Doula? 5 Questions Answered

Suzanne O’Brien, R.N., December 18, 2017: A Death Doula is a non-medical person trained to care for someone holistically (physically, emotionally and spiritually) at the end of life. Death Doulas are also known around the world as: end of life coaches, soul midwives, transition guides. death coaches, doula to the dying, end of life doulas, death midwives, and end of life guides.

Death Doulas are people who support people in the end of life process, much like a midwife or doula with the birthing process. It is “a new non-medical profession” that recognizes death as a natural, accepted, and honored part of life. One might say that death midwifery is to hospice palliative care as birth midwifery is to obstetrics.

Read: What is a Death Doula? 5 Questions Answered

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Doulagivers Certified End-of-Life Training

The Doulagivers Certified End-of-Life Training with Suzanne B. O’Brien RN

Live in Seattle, live online worldwide and Streaming video recording

April 20, 21 & 22

This is the highest level of EOL Doula education, skills and training available. This includes The award winning Doulagivers End of Life Doula Model of Care, End of Life Doula Scope of Practice, and Standards of Care.

Doulas will learn everything to do for a patient and family from the time someone is diagnosed all the way through to helping families with grief and re-entering life after loss. They will learn how to care for the patient holistically- physical, emotionally, and spiritually in all 3 phases of End of Life.

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End of Life Hypnosis Certification Training

The need for hypnosis for End of Life has never been greater. As the population in the U.S. and elsewhere ages, more people are dealing with death.

This training is an excellent opportunity for you to expand your skills.

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End of Life Hypnotic Skills for Healthcare Support Professionals

This 90-minute Streaming Video Webinar is ideal for medical doctors, nurses, mental health counselors, social workers, hospice workers, CNAs, caregivers, family members and friends.

These hypnosis skills will enhance how you care for others and yourself. This training will give you the confidence to use creative, easy-to-apply techniques to ease suffering and promote comfort and serenity.

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