End of Life Doula

What is an End of Life Doula? Over the next few months I will be talking and writing frequently about end of life. As my work as a Healthcare Support Hypnotherapist I have several clients who are now at the end of their life. And, I have numerous former clients who came to me at the end of their own life and have now passed.

I have come to recognize an unmet need in the end of life process. What I have realized is that people don’t know how to complete unfinished business and families do not know how to care for their loved one who is at end of life.

I began to look at what resources are available. I was introduced to Doulagivers™ and to it’s founder, Suzanne O’Brien. We quickly realized that we had a much in common and that we needed to find a way to work together.

I’m excited to announce that Kelley T. Woods and I will be hosting the Doulagivers™ End of Life Certification training in Seattle, April 20 – 22, 2018.

Friday night is open to the public. This will be the perfect opportunity for family, friends and caregivers to learn how to support their loved ones at the end of life.

End of Life Hypnosis Certification

In addition to the  Doulagivers™ End of Life Certification training, Kelley T. Woods and I are offering two End of Life webinars:

  1. Hypnotic Skills: This webinar is for professionals who who are not trained in hypnosis but want to incorporate hypnotic skills into their own end of life professional work.
  2. End of Life Hypnosis Certification: These webinars will show hypnotherapists how they can incorporate hypnosis into end of life care and how to market their end of life support practice.

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