Another common question that I am asked is: “What is PYY?” In many weight loss hypnotherapy sessions I ask the subconscious mind to go to the Control Room of the body and go to the book of Perfect Health. The book of Perfect Health has pictures of dials and gauges representing perfect health. In hypnosis your subconscious mind can go to the dials and gauges and make adjustments to most represent perfect health. On of the gauges is PYY.  PYY is a hormone concerned with hunger and the lack of hunger (satiety). Soon after eating, PYY is secreted into the blood by cells lining the lower small intestine (the ileum) and the colon. The release of PYY begins before nutrients arrive in the lower small intestine and the colon. The further release of PYY is stimulated by nutrients within the lower small intestine and the colon. PYY decreases food intake by inhibiting gut motility. It acts as a brake to cause a sense of satiety. PYY is a peptide.

Using hypnosis you can go to the Control Room of your body and adust your PYY. To learn more about hypnotherapy check out these great tools.  Read about Written Suggestions for self-hypnosis. You can also watch these videos on Power Minutes: Power Minutes, How To Use Power Minutes, and  Orange Blossom. Keep me posted on how you do with controlling your hunger. You may also be interested in reading about Ghrelin.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

My subconscious mind adjusts my PYY to a level most appropriate for me now.  

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