The natural human diet

With all the diet confusion out there, have you ever wondered just what is the natural human diet? The research of anthropologists and nutritional researchers like Dr. Michael Greger and others is clear. For about the last 20 million years the human diet consisted of 95 percent or more of plants.

Sadly, the SAD Diet (Standard American Diet) has resulted with artery-clogging heart disease as our #1 cause of death.

According to Dr. Greger, “In the 20th century, networks of missionary hospitals in rural Africa found coronary artery disease virtually absent, and not just heart disease, but high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, common cancers, and more. In a sense, these populations in rural China and Africa were eating the type of diet we’ve been eating for 90% of the last 20 million years, a diet almost exclusively of plant foods.

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The Natural Human Diet, November, 15, 2016: “If we think of the human body as a cholesterol-conserving machine, then plop it into the modern world of bacon, eggs, cheese, chicken, pork, and pastry, it’s no wonder artery-clogging heart disease is our #1 cause of death. What used to be adaptive for 90% of our evolution—holding on to cholesterol at all costs since we weren’t getting much in our diet—is today maladaptive, a liability leading to the clogging of our arteries. Our bodies just can’t handle it.” Read The Natural Human Diet

Michael Greger M.D. FACLM

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