So what do you think? What’s deprivation: Living a healthy life or disease? Seems like a no-brainer. But, I hear over and over about how depriving it is to live healthy. Did you know that living a healthy life could prevent 23% of colon cancers? To me, diseases like colon cancer, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis all result in deprivation. If you think living a healthy lifestyle would be deprivation, I invite you to explore self-hypnosis. You can make positive lifestyle changes in your life. Learn hypnosis and find out how easy and abundant a healthy lifestyle  can be.

Healthy Life Could Prevent 23 Percent Of Colon Cancers

Oct 26 2010, from Reuters. Getting people to eat a healthy diet, not smoke, cut down on alcohol and exercise more could prevent almost a quarter of the some 1.2 million cases of colon cancer diagnosed each year.

Researchers found that following recommendations on physical activity, waist circumference, smoking, alcohol intake and diet could reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer by as much as 23 percent. Even modest differences in lifestyle might have a substantial impact on colorectal cancer risk.

Colorectal cancer, often referred to as bowel or colon cancer, kills around half a million people each year worldwide. The researchers calculated that if all of them had followed even one extra guideline, around 13 percent of colon cancer cases could have been prevented. If all of them had followed all five, 23 percent of cases could have been avoided.

Read Healthy Life Could Prevent 23 Percent Of Colon Cancers

Learn hypnosis and discover the positive changes that you can make in your lifestyle. With self-hypnosis you can enjoy eating healthy, discover joy in physical activity and make other healthy lifestyle changes. Life can be abundant. Don’t deprive yourself with diseases like colon cancer.

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