Healthy dying

What’s healthy dying? I am happy to see that the AMA is now considering how to make death a “healthy” experience.

I think that this question is something that each of us should consider – for yourself and for your loved ones. What do you want your family to know about what you want? What do you want to know about the wishes of your loved ones? And your doctors – what do you want them to know?

I invite you to read the full article, What’s healthy dying? 6 steps on the path for doctors to know. After you’ve read it, consider what a positive death experience means to you. Then, invite your loved ones to read the article and join with you in conversation.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and where these conversations lead you.

Healthy dying

What’s healthy dying? 6 steps on the path for doctors to know

“Most Americans die in hospitals, but acute care settings are by default focused on saving lives and therefore struggle to deal with death as something other than the unfortunate outcome of having no interventions left to try. An expert in end-of-life care notes that death is an essential part of life for patients and their families and suggests several steps physicians can take to make death a “healthy” experience.”

The 6 steps are:

  1. Focus on patient safety and autonomy.
  2. Acknowledge death as a part of life.
  3. Reset loved ones’ expectations
  4. Encourage family members to talk to patients.
  5. Note the importance of religious rituals.
  6. Suggest loved ones say goodbye in their own ways.

Read What’s healthy dying? 6 steps on the path for doctors to know

Timothy M. Smith

Senior News Writer, American Medical Association

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