Dr. Phil Humbert has another great article titled What’s Your Plan, Fran? in his Tips For Extraordinary Living for January 6, 2008. In his article about New Year’s Resolutions, he writes that “If you are serious about your goals for 2008, invest a couple hours (or more) and complete each of the following:
1. DEFINE precisely how you’ll measure success. “What gets measured, gets done.” When you can describe your goal to a child in a few words (“We’re going to Disneyland for your birthday.”), you’re getting close.
2. LIST the steps. What are the incremental actions required to achieve your goal? What problems will you face and how will you solve them? Create a written list of as many steps, actions and benchmarks as you can.
3. SEQUENCE the steps. Few people can run before they walk, so be clear about what comes first, what comes second, and so forth. To achieve your goals, it’s critical to do things in the correct order, first things first.
4. CALENDAR your steps. What has to be completed this month? What must be done by March? How will you know if you’re on schedule in August? Write it down!
Life teaches us that the most complex problems can be solved if we follow directions. My favorite example is cooking. Give me a kitchen of wonderful ingredients, pots, pans and utensils and (most of the time) I’ll only succeed in making a mess. But add one more thing–a recipe!–and I can cook! With a recipe, I can fool almost anyone into thinking I’m a great cook!Your success is something like that. You’ve got your goals and resolutions. Now, use a detailed plan (a good “recipe”) to make sure you achieve them in 2008.”My phone continues to ring with people who have a vague idea about a goal, usually weight loss, sometimes stop smoking, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, sports performance, pain management, dental hypnosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), stress, anxiety and phobia – but they have no plan. Together, we begin developing the plan incorporating hypnotherapy and teaching them self-hypnosis.To be successful, you have to have a plan and then you must work the steps. Hypnosis is a tool that creates the mental and emotional environment that allows you to follow the steps in your plan.

I encourage you to read The Last Lecture.

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