Wheat Belly and low carb madnessI’ve been involved in several conversations lately about Wheat Belly, Grain Brain and other low carb diet madness. It cracks me up when I see pictures of low carb foods that filled with animal and dairy fat – the very foods that make you fat and sick. At least eight large prospective studies consisting of a total of over 1,125,000 participants found that intake of foods containing whole grains or grain fiber were associated with a significantly lower risk of all-cause mortality, even in studies where the primary consumed grain was wheat or other gluten containing grains. Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss can help you end your desires for the foods that make you fat and sick and create healthy desires for the plant based foods that make you slender and healthy.

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High Fat, Low Carbs, What’s the Harm?

A diet high in fat has been suggested to contribute to a number of serious conditions. So far as heart disease goes, doesn’t Atkins contend that his diet actually lowers cholesterol? “Cholesterol is only one risk factor of heart disease,” points out Ivonne Cottrell, a registered dietition with the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. “Actually, I have had people come to me on this diet who had lowered their cholesterol and others who have seen theirs go up significantly.”

“Cholesterol goes down when you lose weight,” Anderson says. “It’s the loss of the weight. If you try to maintain the weight loss by alternating high fat and ‘normal’ days, cholesterol could climb.”

Some forms of cancer–breast, prostate–have been linked to high fat consumption, Eckel notes. Diabetes, too, is linked to fat. “My heavens,” exclaims Anderson, “we did part of the research here that convinced the American Diabetes Association to recommend a low-fat diet for treatment and prevention of diabetes. Diabetes is best treated with high carbohydrate, high fiber, low glycemic [sugar], and low energy density foods.”

High protein diets also strain the kidneys in susceptible people. “People eat more protein than they need now,” observes Cottrell. “We have 18 million diabetics in this country, 50 million people with high blood pressure. They can have kidney problems–and high protein intake will bring them on faster,” Anderson adds.

Read High Fat, Low Carbs, What’s the Harm?

If you want to eat salmon, beef, chicken, pork, cheese or ice cream, eat it. That is a choice and decision that is yours to make. But please, don’t eat salmon for the Omega 3 or eat other high fat food to lose weight. For more than a century numerous studies have shown the harmful health consequences of eating high fat, low carb foods. Shouldn’t everything you eat help to make your body strong and healthy? If you are ready to end the diet madness and be slender and healthy, hypnosis for weight loss can help you.

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