When it comes to weight loss, food really is a metaphor. Food cravings seem to be most often emotionally based and can be powerful. Hypnotherapy is all about taking back your power.  Using self-hypnosis you can take back the power you gave away to food. Hypnosis for weight loss is easy to learn and easy to use. At my Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ clients learn the weight loss hypnosis skills to lose weight and most importantly keep it off! To learn more about hypnosis weight control, get your free hypnosis download.

On page 105 in my book, Becoming Slender For Life, I write: Janice, a 58-year-old artist, was amazed at what she learned about symbolic eating. “My number one indulgence meal has always been a burger and fries. When I tried to figure out what they symbolized to me, I suddenly remembered that when I was 7 years old and allowed to walk by myself to a neighborhood burger stand, that was where I spent my first-ever allowance. We never had French fries at home, and rarely even burgers, so both were real treats. And I associated them with my initial steps of independence. Ordering a burger and fries was my first taste of freedom—no parent was around to tell me I couldn’t have this meal. And I now realize that even though I’ve eaten many thousands of burgers with the ever ready fries, each time there was also an extra jolt of joy attached, because I was subconsciously celebrating my independence. As an adult, I don’t really need to do that anymore, so I can imagine releasing that food craving now that it’s been drained of importance.”

Journal exercise
List all your downfall foods, ones you know (or suspect) are bad for you, then write about each one. Key into the olfactory memories (the smells, which are our strongest), tell the food’s history in your life, it’s role in your life, when and where you first ate it, who you were with and so on. See what each food symbolizes to you (comfort, independence, feeling special, etc.). A variation would be to write your life story with food, your earliest memories about food; ask your parents what they recall about your eating habits as a young child, what things you liked or disliked.
In examining what associations you made long ago with your favorite comfort foods, see if you can’t separate them from the foods themselves. Perhaps you connect fried chicken to family picnics, and those were the rare exceptions when your father seemed to relax around you. Now, instead of driving through KFC whenever you miss your dad, give him a call or talk about him with a family member, or enjoy old pictures. Eating fried chicken won’t recreate those good feelings—in fact, quite the opposite. It boils down to gaining awareness about why you crave what you do, so you can diffuse the power that food has held over you.

Food involves so many of our senses that it easily becomes a trigger of both pleasant as well as unpleasant memories and emotions. At my Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices of  Slender For Life™ you learn hypnosis weight control to stop the food cravings and stop the emotional eating. My book, Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set guide you with hypnosis for weight loss so that you really can lose weight and keep it off.

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