Where is your focus?

Have you ever noticed that where you place your attention is what you focus on and what you put your energy into? Where you focus is like shining a flashlight in the dark – everything in the light is illuminated.

Do you remember the episode of Frasier where Frasier and Niles were learning to ride a bike? Frasier kept his focus on the tree and he kept hitting the tree! He even blamed the tree saying, “It’s that damn sycamore. It’s got a magnetic hold on me.”

Daphne then says, “It’s because you keep focusing on it. Whatever you do, put it out of your mind. The more you think about it, the worse it gets.”

So, I ask again, where is your focus? Are you focused on the traumas in life and all that is wrong? Are you focused on fear and anxiety? Are you focused on sickness and creating pain and suffering for yourself and those around you? Remember, the more you focus on it, the worse it gets.

A woman recently came to see me wanting hypnosis to end her anxiety. She said to me that she worries about everything. I asked, “does it help?” I could tell by her stunned silence that she in that moment understood the wasted energy of worry and anxiety.

Where is your focus?

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Are you watering the weeds?

I remember as a young boy my Great Uncle and Aunt would sit for hours every day on their Iowa porch. They’d talk about life and the state of the world. Inevitably my Uncle would say, “Are you going to water the weeds in the garden or pull them out?” At that age, I thought he was talking about his vegetable garden.

Many years later as I was mulling on my woes, I heard his voice in my head offering me that wisdom. In that moment, I got it! Focus on my woes, and like watering the weeds in the garden, they will grow. When you stop watering the weeds, or better yet, pull them out, they will die.

When you stop watering the traumas, fear, anxiety and suffering – they will die. Neurons that fire together, wire together. When you no longer fire those same old neurons, they will separate. Put another way, when you don’t use it, you do lose it.

So, stop blaming the sycamore trees in your life and putting your energy into what you don’t want.

Focus on Being the Greatest Expression of You

I can’t imagine in any conceivable way that worry, anxiety, fear and watering the weeds in your life is a part of being the Greatest Expression of You. Where you focus your attention is a matter of choice.

Victor Frankl wrote that, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing; the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances to choose one’s own way.”

In each moment, with each breath, you do have the power of choice. You can choose to focus on all your woes – on the weeds in your life. Or, you can choose to focus on Becoming the Greatest Expression of You, and to water the flowers and vegetables (the love and Joy) in your life. Which way do you choose?

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I choose love and joy in my life.

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