Where's your life?Where’s your life? is this week’s reading from Becoming Slender For Life. It’s Easter Sunday: A day of resurrection and new beginnings. Where’s your life? is your opportunity to look at your past behavior and resurrect yourself into the new healthy you. With hypnosis for weight loss you can create a healthy new life.

I hope that you have a Happy Easter!

Where’s your life?

Can you recall any social opportunities you have opted out of in the past year? Even casual invitations to go out after work with colleagues or to a movie with friends? Are the barstools too tiny or the movie seats too tight? Or do you feel stared at in public social situations? Are there cultural activities you’ve wanted to attend but haven’t? Perhaps the auditorium seats are too narrow? Can you think of any groups or organizations you’ve been reluctant to join— possibly because you feel some shame, embarrassment or selfconsciousness about your appearance? How about dating—has that been on hold too? Make this list as detailed as you can. Then ask yourself how long this avoidance has been going on. When you are done, read the next paragraph.

The list you just compiled is a picture of the life you’re not leading, a vision of your heart’s desires manifested as lost opportunities. This list represents fun, joy and intimacy you aren’t having. These are days of your life you can never get back. (But you can commit today to reversing the trend, so that a year from now you won’t be able to make a similar list.) If you didn’t fill out the Commitment Form (see Page 90), do it now.

As I have said, comfort eating was a major issue for me. One of my fondest memories as a young boy on the farm was of my grandmother coming to visit. She would come and live with us for weeks at a time, and she made the best cinnamon rolls. I remember sitting at the kitchen table with her rolling out the dough. I would play in the dough, making snakes and snowmen and monsters. We would talk and laugh. The whole house smelled of yeast and cinnamon. It was a time when I felt unconditionally loved and unconditionally accepted.

For many years after Grandma died, I couldn’t get enough cinnamon rolls. I can still smell the aromas from Three Sisters Bakery in Wailuku, Maui. They made cinnamon rolls almost as good as Grandma’s. I used to go in there at least once a day and get at least one cinnamon roll, sometimes two or three and sometimes twice a day.

Anytime I felt the least bit unloved, the least bit unaccepted, I wanted cinnamon rolls, or other bakery treats. I went looking for Grandma’s “food is love” comfort foods. My association of love and acceptance was anchored to the smell and taste, as well as to the opiate rush that high-sugar and fatty, refined-flour foods provide.

Thanks to hypnosis and the other healing work that I have done, I still love the smell of a great bakery and especially the smell of cinnamon and rising yeast, but I no longer have to eat the rolls. When I smell baked goods, my heart skips a beat! I love that smell and I would never not want to love that smell. Today, when I walk into a coffee shop or bakery, I can enjoy the sights and aromas, think of Grandma and feel absolutely loved, and walk out completely satisfied with a cup of coffee.

From Becoming Slender For Life, second edition,
page 101 – 103

Hypnosis for weight loss can help you create Chapter One in your healthy new life.

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