The research continues to demonstrate that people who eat whole plant-based food have the healthiest BMI. The research also continues to show that meat-eaters have the highest rates of diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease and cancer.

I’ve never been a big fan of BMI – but it is something that is frequently talked about. The BMI is an attempt to quantify the amount of tissue mass (muscle, fat, and bone) in an individual, and then categorize that person as underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese based on that value.

I consider BMI to be an indicator, but not an absolute determination as to whether you are at a healthy weight or over weight. For a large portion of the population, BMI does indicate whether someone is overweight or obese and at an increased risk of disease.

Using the BMI Calculator found here, my BMI is 21.9 which puts me in a healthy normal range. But, I work with competitive body builders who have body fat percentages as low as 6%. (I’m not recommending that low). These guys have many pounds of lean muscle that I do not have. The BMI is not useful for a body builder. Even though they may have extremely low body fat they are in the obese category according to the BMI.

At Slender For Life™ Weight Loss Hypnosis, BMI is only discussed when someone asks about it. I do have people step on the scale so that we have weekly record of weight loss. But, I am really much more interested in how the person feels in their body. We talk about clothes becoming looser and about getting to wear clothes in smaller sizes.

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“Researchers found that average BMI was lowest among vegans, while average BMI was highest among the meat-eaters. Looking specifically at obesity (defined as having a BMI over 30), researchers found that vegans had the lowest percentage of people who were obese — just 9.4 percent — while meat-eaters had the highest percentage of people who were obese — 33.3 percent. About 24 percent of semi-vegetarians were obese, 17.9 percent of pesco-vegetarians were obese, and 16.7 percent of lacto-ovo vegetarians were obese.”

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I am so grateful to be choosing food that supports my best health.

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