WHO Red and processed meat are carcinogenic to humansUnless you are totally off the grid, you have most like heard by now that the WHO has classified the consumption of red and processed meat as “carcinogenic to humans”. For several days now every news channel on TV and radio has been reporting this finding. While none of this information is new, I am happy that it is being beaten into the American psyche. 22 experts from 10 countries with The World Health Organization (WHO) considered more than 800 studies that investigated associations of more than a dozen types of cancer with the consumption of red meat or processed meat in many countries and populations with diverse diets. The results of the meeting may place red and processed meat alongside cigarettes, asbestos and arsenic in the list of the most cancer-causing agents.

I grew up on a dairy farm beef, pork and chicken were a mainstay of our meals. Sometimes mom would buy a fish for special occasions – but usually it was frozen fish sticks. When the concept of living a whole food plant based lifestyle was first introduced to me, it seemed impossible. I couldn’t imagine it! Today, 20 years later and thanks to self hypnosis, the idea of eating the fats of meat and dairy are inconceivable to me. I’m at a healthy weight, my blood sugar and blood pressure are both within very healthy ranges and I take no medication. I eat healthy, I exercise and I choose health and wellness in my life.

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The World Health Organization – Carcinogenicity of consumption of red and processed meat

“Overall, the Working Group classified consumption of processed meat as “carcinogenic to humans” (Group 1) on the basis of sufficient evidence for colorectal cancer. Additionally, a positive association with the consumption of processed meat was found for stomach cancer.

The Working Group classified consumption of red meat as “probably carcinogenic to humans” (Group 2A). In making this evaluation, the Working Group took into consideration all the relevant data, including the substantial epidemiological data showing a positive association between consumption of red meat red meat and colorectal cancer and the strong mechanistic evidence. Consumption of red meat was also positively associated with pancreatic and with prostate cancer.”

While the science is not new the WHO classification is new.

Read The World Health Organization – Carcinogenicity of consumption of red and processed meat

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