A recent study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) tracked the diets and health of 161,737 women participating in the Nurses’ Health Studies I and II. It turned out that those who made whole grain foods a big part of the menu had the lowest risk of type 2 diabetes. The researchers then conducted a meta-analysis to combine the results of five previous studies. On average, every serving of whole grains that is part of a person’s daily diet cuts diabetes risk by about 10%. Whole grains include such foods as whole wheat, rolled oats, brown rice, buckwheat, and quinoa

So what do you do if you don’t like whole grains? Change your thinking! And, you can use hypnosis to change your thinking. I was so thrilled listening to a client the other day who has type 2 diabetes. She had been following Atkins and South Beach and eating too much fat and protein. One month ago she had protested the amount of whole grains that I had suggested to include in here menu – but with her physicians approval, agreed to “give it a try.” She came into my office after the month with tears of excitement as her blood sugar levels had already dropped significantly and her doctor was pleased.

This client says that hypnotherapy has made all the difference for her. It’s only been a month, and since she has a life time of experience of dieting and gaining it back – she is unsure that she can maintain her healthy eating. But, she for the first time has hope that self-hypnosis will make these changes life-long changes. Here is what I know: As long as she uses hypnosis, she will have success – all hypnosis is self-hypnosis – so it is up to her.

How is your New Year’s Resolution coming along? Better than Lockhorns?