Food is medicine

So why aren’t doctors taught food is medicine? Students in medical schools across the country spend less than 1 percent of lecture time learning about diet.

Most of us know that what we eat plays a major role in our health. So just why is it that healthcare providers know so little about it?

Over the years that I have had the opportunity to interact with a few medical doctors that had gone out of their way to study nutrition. My experience is that these were the doctors that were more likely to spot diet-related issues earlier in a patient’s prognosis.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) continues to be one of the biggest contributors to chronic disease and mortality in the U.S., killing one in five Americans every year. SAD is bankrupting our nation and needlessly driving up healthcare costs.

As I keep saying, we must have healthcare reform and that begins with each of us reforming our healthcare. Vote with your wallet and buy only whole plant based food. You will improve your health.

Food is medicine

If food is medicine, why isn’t it taught at medical schools?

October 14, 2019: “People believe that nutrition is easy, when in reality, nutrition is most of medicine—and then a lot more,” says Martin Kohlmeier, a professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. “You have cultural, food production, and food safety issues. It is a challenge for physicians to learn enough.”

Read: If food is medicine, why isn’t it taught at medical schools?

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I reform my healthcare with a whole plant-based food lifestyle.

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