Why do I exercise? Well, for one reason, the result can bring joy to my heart. A new client said to me the other day that she hated to sweat, she hated to exercise. I do still remember those days.  Thanks to hypnosis, I have exercised almost daily for the past 13 years and I love the freedom of choices that exercise has provided me.

Imagine if as a result of exercise you could do some physical activity that you cannot do now. Can you now take the kid or grand kids to Disneyland and walk for 2 or 3 days? Would you like to be physically able to walk around Italy?

I often talk with clients about freedom of choice. If you are obese, climbing Mt. Rainier is not a choice for you. At your ideal weight, climbing Mt. Rainier could be a choice – you still may not want to do the climb, but then it is your choice. Freedom of choice is empowering.

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Exercise brings joy to my heart.

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