Why-are-you-supplementing-with-Fish-OilSo, just why are you supplementing with Fish Oil? It’s past time for a reversal on all the hype about fish oil and the need for omega-3 supplementation. There’s just no justification for the use of omega 3s as a structured intervention in everyday clinical practice or for guidelines supporting more dietary omega-3’s. Seattle hypnosis weight loss specialist Roger Moore knows that by eating a healthy plant based whole foods diet, you can save a lot of money on fads like the multibillion dollar fish oil industry.

The Reversal on Fish Oil

NutritionFacts.org, Michael Greger, M.D., March 5, 2015: Are the purported benefits of fish oil supplementation for the prevention and treatment of heart disease just a “fish tale“? Thanks to recommendations from organizations such as the American Heart Association that individuals at high risk for heart disease ask their physicians about fish oil supplementation, fish oil has grown into a multibillion dollar industry. We now consume over 100,000 tons of fish oil every year.

But what does the science say? A systematic review and meta-analysis published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, highlighted in my video Is Fish Oil Just Snake Oil? looked at all the best “randomized clinical trials evaluating the effects of omega-3’s on lifespan, cardiac death, sudden death, heart attack, and stroke.” The studies told the subjects to either eat more oily fish or to take fish oil capsules. What did the study find? Overall, the researchers found no protective benefit for all-cause mortality, heart disease mortality, sudden cardiac death, heart attack, or stroke.

What about for those who already had a heart attack and are trying to prevent another? Still no benefit.

Read The Reversal on Fish Oil

Fish oil supplementation may not do anything for your health, but it sure does good for the health of marketers and large companies. Have you considered what supplements that provide no benefit does for the health of your wallet?

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