Several months ago as I listened to a client share his despair. He talked about feeling pressure on every side and that his back was up against the wall. As I listened, the song Hallelujah Anyway came to my mind. Some of the words in the second verse are, “So much is going on, What’s takin god so long. Your is back is up against the wall, Pressure on every side,” and words in the chorus are, “You gotta to lift up your voice and say: hallelujah anyway!

This client and I had previously discussed the Greatest Expression of You process and he had learned Roger’s Wiggle. As I listened to his despondency, I said to him, “Sometimes you just gotta wiggle your toes, wiggle your butt and shout HALLELUJAH! – That may be all you can do.”

He looked at me rather surprised and then he laughed and then acknowledged that even with all that was going wrong, he was OK. In the months that have followed, I have suggested to several clients that sometimes all you can do is, “wiggle your toes, wiggle your butt and shout HALLELUJAH!”

When your back is against the wall and you wiggle your toes, wiggle your butt and shout HALLELUJAH, there is a peace that can come over you. You can get out of being stuck in your story, stop taking yourself so seriously and discover just how resilient you really are.


Raise your hands and shout HALLELUJAH

One morning recently, Mary Brinner, who is a colleague from Peninsula Cancer Center, saw me on the ferry to Seattle. She said, “Roger, I have a story to tell you.” Mary then shared with me about her mother’s passing and that at her Mum’s celebration of life she had the attendees wiggle their toes, wiggle their bum, raise their hands and shout HALLELUJAH!

This story so made my day that later that morning I called Mary and asked if I could share her story. She happily agreed and then said she would write it up and email it to me.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

Today, I choose to wiggle my toes, wiggle my butt, raise my hands and shout, HALLELUJAH!


Here is what Mary wrote:


Wiggle your toes, Wiggle your bum Raise your hands and shout HALLELUJAH

June 14th 2016, was the day my Mum passed. As my Mums death doula it was my job to make sure that the process of her death, and the pieces after, including of her funeral, were as she requested. My Mum was a prim and proper lady, deeply rooted in her faith, a person who knew exactly what she wanted, down to the names of who would receive her belongings, the cloths she wanted to be cremated in, to the hymns sung at her funeral. One of my Mums request was for everyone who attended her funeral, no matter what their faith base was, to sing the Episcopal Church camp song “He is Alive” raise their hands and shout HALLEUJAH! A small task, one might think, as this song, has no written piano music.

Two weeks of getting all the funeral pieces together, lining up grandchildren to read the required scripture, helping my sister with eulogy pieces, my brother with photos, making sure the food was just right in the parish hall, making sure every family member had properly pressed attire to wear, it was finally time for the big day.

Raise their hands and shout HALLEUJAH!

My Mums funeral was a full liturgy held in the Episcopal Church in California our family attended since the 50’s. My sister gave a lovely eulogy, all my Mums grandchildren read the required scripture, no one spilled a drink on their freshly pressed cloths….. Still one piece remained…. Mum want the entire church including clergy to sing the song “He is Alive,” raise their hands and shout HALLEUJAH!”

At a time after my sister’s eulogy, not knowing how this would come out, I stood up, walked to the front of the church, turned and looked at everyone and said “So here is the deal….. Mum wants us to sing this song that there is no written music to, and she wants everyone to raise their hands and shout HALLEUJAH! We want to make sure this happens, so Mum does not unpleasantly revisit us later” I then on the spot asked my “backup singers” Mums good friends to join me, hoping they would follow along and perhaps even know the words to the song. We did a little bit of practice with the congregation with the song. Surprisingly and to the horror of my children, the next words that came out of my mouth were “now for the HALLEUJAH piece, we need to practice this piece too. I want everyone to wiggle your toes” (they did, or it looked like they did anyway) “OK now wiggle your toes and wiggle your bum” (they did, or it looked like they did anyway) Ok now wiggle your toes, wiggle your bum raise your hands and shout HALLEUJAH” By gum they did!

We then altogether sang “He Is Alive” when the song was over, everyone wiggled their toes, wiggled their bum raised their hands and shouted HALLEUJAH! It was the biggest, loudest HALLEUJAH I have ever heard, and one I know, my Mum heard, all the way up in heaven.

Mary Briner LMT, CMLDT
Oncology Massage Therapist

NOTE from Roger: Thank you Mary for sharing this beautiful story!

Letting go

What I love here is that these are two examples of letting go. When your back is up against the wall and you are feeling pressure on every side, you still have a choice. And here was Mary – celebrating her Mum’s life at a formal service in an Episcopal church. Mary was to lead the congregation in a song without written music and have them raise their hands and shout HALLEUJAH! Mary could have easily gotten stuck in the formality and taken herself and her role far too seriously. Instead, she used the wiggle for herself and the participants. They all got over themselves and let go by wiggling their toes, wiggling their butt and shouting HALLEUJAH!

As I have gotten older, I have come to realize that things rarely go the way I think that they should. When I try to force my way upon the universe, I usually do feel as if my back is against the wall. When I let go and shout, HALLEUJAH anyway, the beauty, simplicity and joy unfold. What is provided to me is far better than I could ever dare to dream or imagine.

So today when things aren’t going your way, choose to wiggle your toes, wiggle your butt, raise your hands and shout, HALLEUJAH anyway.

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