Are you struggling with wild food cravings? Hypnosis can help! Often our bodies are screaming for water and somehow we translate that to salt or sugar. Perhaps more often, a food craving is our desire for mental and emotional comfort. The good news is that you can learn hypnosis and change your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviors.

I came across what I think is my very first blog post from July 25, 2007, titled Where The Wild Cravings Are. I think the information is important to remember and I found this tip to be a good reminder.

Where The Wild Cravings Are

This RealAge Tip basically says that when we allow ourselves to become too hungry, we are more apt to seek out sweet and salty flavors than we are vegetables. So eat frequent small meals and don’t let yourself become too hungry.

Read Where The Wild Cravings Are

Learn hypnosis and change your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviors and take control of what you eat.Hypnosis really can help end your wild food cravings.

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I eat frequent small plant-based meals.

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