The-willingness-to-craveMost of us don’t have the willingness to crave. With mindfulness self hypnosis, you can have the willingness to allow your cravings to come and go without acting on them. Drop the struggle with your cravings, let them be there and make peace with them. Willingness is noticing that you are feeling an emotion (stressed) right now and noticing that you are craving ___________ (a cookie) and then just let the craving be without judgement and without acting on it.

If you are feeling upset, you obviously do not want to be feeling that way but the idea is that you are willing to feel upset IF that is how you feel right now. You are willing to feel the feeling of it, without needing to act on the feeling for THE PURPOSE OF TAKING THE FEELING AWAY.

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The secret to self control is to give up control. Give up the tug of war with the craving monster. When playing tug of war with a craving. Drop the rope. Allow the craving to be, to occupy a space in your body and notice that the craving monster isn’t as threatening as he appears. And sometimes it goes away. Be aware of your cravings and be willing to have them and see if they pass on their own. Bring a spirit of caring and kindness to yourself.

At the heart willingness is the idea that when you fight with your distressing thoughts and feelings, they fight back. If you are constantly fighting with your thoughts and feelings, you will know that its exhausting.

When you’re willing to feel your feelings, you take some of their power away, because if you’re willing to feel them you’re implicitly saying that the feelings are not intolerable. You take some of their power away and they have less fight in them.

At Seattle Hypnosis With Roger Moore you can learn mindfulness self hypnosis and create the willingness to feel what you feel without judgement and without acting on the feeling. You can visit me in the Medical Dental Building in Seattle, on Bainbridge Island, in Forks and online via the Hypnosis Health Info Virtual Office.

I highly recommend Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life: The New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help you to learn to just “be with” your feeling.

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I bring a spirit of caring and kindness to myself.

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