Chicago.  What a grand day! I am in Chicago for the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference which officially starts tomorrow. Today I took the shuttle back to Ohare and then the Blue Line in to downtown. I got off in the Theatre district and started walking. I wandered around downtown, walked along the Chicago River, then Michigan Avenue and Millennium Park past the aquarium and back through downtown. I was disappointed, the Buckingham Fountain was shut down. Then I got on the Red Line and went north a couple stops, got off and wandered around. Got back on and went a couple more stops and got off and wandered some more. I did this for hours and had a ball! When the sky turned black and a huge thunderstorm blew in, I got on the Purple Line and headed back to the Loop and caught the Blue Line back to Ohare. I must have walked 5 or more miles. What was really great is that the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) has a $5.00 visitor fun pass that allows unlimited rides for 24 hours. So all my bumming around cost me five bucks! I loved watching people, looking at the tall buildings and the ethnicity of the various neighborhoods. It was a great day. I am glad I came a day early.