New Wings to Fly by Frankie Pérez is this weeks article from the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library. Often people come into therapy looking for ways to ease the pain of their broken hearts.  Anyone who has gone through heartbreak knows just how debilitating and all-consuming the pain can be. You can heal and put your heart back out there to love again. It might be broken again, but even so, the isolation and loneliness of never risking love again is an even greater sorrow. Allow yourself to grow new wings of love.

New Wings to Fly

“I feel like a bird with a broken wing.” The words took me by surprise even as I said them and I couldn’t understand what had compelled me to reveal my brokenness to a perfect stranger. Yes, I did feel broken – heart broken. Prior to this moment, the idea of a bird with a broken wing had never even crossed my mind, but the image fit perfectly with how I felt. I did feel like a bird with a broken wing that would never fly again. I felt disheveled, sad, and empty. Back then the idea of ever loving again seemed an impossibility. I wished I felt numb like so many people say they feel when dealing with pain. But instead I felt a heavy and sharp pain right where my heart ought to be. Whomever coined the term heartbreak meant it literally and not simply as a poetic metaphor.

The recipe for dealing with heartbreak is:

  • Be kind, patient, and loving with yourself.
  • Grieve and feel the pain. Feelings are the guide to your new self.
  • Journal your thoughts and emotions. Let the paper hold the full intensity of your pain, your anger, your confusion, and your hopes for a new life.
  • Pray.
  • Stop fighting the change. Pain is the effort it takes to hang on to an old idea; so let go. What is for us comes to us.
  • Every primary relationship brings with it gifts and lessons of growth; look for them.
  • When you are ready, be willing to forgive, say good-bye to what used to be, and accept that something has forever changed.
  • Be open to transformation and to a new and happier you.

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