Burger and a statin to go? Or hold that, please? It still baffles me that Americans are eating fatty fast foods like cheeseburgers, fries and shakes when there are so many healthy options for eating quick and on the go. If you can’t change your risky fast food behavior, let hypnosis work for you. You can lose weight and lower your cholesterol. Hypnosis weight loss at Slender For Life™ may make the difference between life and death for you.

Burger and a statin to go? Or hold that, please?

Reuters Health, August 13, 2010: Fast food outlets should hand out free cholesterol-lowering statin drugs to their customers to “neutralize” the heart risks of eating fatty foods like burgers and fries.

In a study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, scientists calculated that the reduction in heart disease risk offered by a statin could offset the increase in risk from eating a cheeseburger and a milkshake.

Statins don’t cut out all of the unhealthy effects of a burger and fries. It’s better to avoid fatty food altogether. When people engage in risky behaviors like driving or smoking, they’re encouraged to take measures that minimize their risk, like wearing a seat belt or choosing cigarettes with filters. Taking a statin is a rational way of lowering some of the risks of eating a fatty meal.

Read Burger and a statin to go? Or hold that, please?

Lose weight with hypnosis at Slender For Life™. If you are living on fatty fast foods and need to lower your cholesterol, hypnosis weight loss can help you end risky cheeseburger behavior.

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