With hypnosis you can stop spending all that pocket change on overeating. Do you have any idea how much you spend each month on junk food, soda, latte’s and other calorie laden non-nutritional food? Learn how to hypnotize yourself with self-hypnosis and stop waisting your pocket change. Clients tell me it can be easy with hypnotherapy to eat healthy. Here at Hypnosis Health Info you can find the hypnosis help you need with my free hypnosis download and with my free hypnosis MP3 relaxation, Orange Blossom.

The New York Times has an article titled Overeating On Pocket Change. “Is the corner store making some children fat?

Low-income children in Philadelphia with about one dollar in pocket money managed to purchase almost 400 calories worth of snack food at convenience stores on the way to and from school, according to study published on Monday (October 12, 2009) in the journal Pediatrics.

Their top choice on their way to school in the morning: candy, including favorites like Sour Patch Kids and Peanut Chews, often sold in cheap, individually wrapped pieces. The kids’ favorite after-school snack was chips. The children spent $1.07 on average each day, the researchers found.

The neighborhood stores offer a wide variety of cheap packaged snacks that contain little nutrition but are high in fat and sugar, the study found. For a total tab of $1.07, a child could purchase an 8-oz. sugary drink and a single serving bag of potato chips, plus a popsicle and several pieces of individually wrapped candy. The sum total of calories: 356 calories on average per day.” You can read Overeating On Pocket Change in its entirety.

Slender For Life™ clients often tell me how much money they are now saving and how easy it is with hypnosis to pass up the junk food. You too can learn how to hypnotize with self-hypnosis.

My book Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set guide you with hypnosis help to stop the extra calories from junk food.

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I eat only what I need.

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