Clients at my Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ clients learn that with self-hypnosis you can turn up your energy. The Light Switch self-hypnosis technique is an easy to learn and powerful tool for you to use. With hypnotherapy, you really can end the afternoon sleepiness. Here at Hypnosis Health Info you have hypnosis tools and resources for your health and wellness. Make sure that you get your free hypnosis download?

My client was so excited about his success with this hypnosis technique that he urged me to share it with you. Using the Light Switch self-hypnosis technique (or any other hypnosis induction) take yourself deeply relaxed and imagine the control room of your body. This is a room of your own design and choosing which contains your  book of perfect health. Turn the page marked energy, notice the setting for increased energy and then go to your control mechanism and turn up your energy level. Feel your mind and body become energized.

I invite you to use the hypnotherapy resources here at Hypnosis Health Info to create the positive changes in your life that you want. To learn about the Light Switch Self-hypnosis technique, watch Hypnosis In One Minute, Part 1 and Hypnosis In One Minute, Part 2 on YouTube. Don’t forget your free hypnosis download.

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I am filled with energy!

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