Rev up the treadmill:Women need to exercise at least 1 hour per day to lose weight. Are you sick of diets and weight loss scams? Have you tried all the weight loss diet plans only to lose a little weight and then get stuck and gain it back? Do you hate to exercise and just can’t motivate yourself to show up at the gym or put away the clothes that are hanging on the treadmill? If this sounds like you and yet you are sick of being fat, then call my Seattle weight loss or Bainbridge Island weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ for a free, no-obligation hypnosis for weight loss consultation. My book, Becoming Slender For Life and it’s hypnosis CD set will support you in your exercise and weight loss goals.

Sobering new research spells out just how much exercise women need to keep the flab off as they age — and it’s a lot according to a study in the March 24, 2010, Journal of the American Medical Association. At least an hour of moderate activity a day is needed for older women at a healthy weight who aren’t dieting. For those who are already overweight — and that’s most American women — even more exercise is called for to avoid gaining weight without eating less, the study results suggest.

Brisk walking, leisurely bicycling and golfing are all examples of moderate exercise. But don’t throw in the towel if you can’t do those things for at least an hour a day. Even a little exercise is good for your health even if it won’t make you thin.

The report also points out that you can eat a candy bar in two minutes and that most candy bars are at least 200 calories – to burn that off requires walking for about an hour. Knowing that equation can help people make wise decisions about activity and food choices. Read Older Women Need 1-Hour Workouts To Fend Off Flab.

Chapter 6 of Becoming Slender For Life talks about exercise and about motivating yourself to get off the couch. My hypnosis CD set has specific hypnotherapy tracks for exercise. Weight loss is challenging in the best of circumstances and if you don’t exercise you make it so much harder.

In my Bainbridge Island weight loss and Seattle weight loss offices of  Slender For Life™ we talk about exercise motivation in almost every hypnosis for weight loss session.

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