Shape Up Your Garden and Yourself While You’re At It

Our yard sure takes a lot of work and and it takes up a lot of our time. It is exciting to know just how much exercise we get from working in the garden.

In the June 15, 2008, Seattle TimesPacific Northwest Magazine, Valerie Easton writes that “The new book, Garden Your Way To Health and Fitness is a manifesto for keeping gardeners injury-free, a road map to fitness through gardening.”

Routine tasks like mowing, weeding and digging offer sufficient resistance to tone muscles as well as burn calories. Written by Bunny Guiness and Jacqueline Knox, Garden Your Way To Health and Fitness use Pilates principles to put gardeners in touch with core muscles. Done correctly, with stretching before and after, gardening can lead to a balanced body, deep muscle strength and good posture.

Using hypnosis you can create the desire to keep your body moving and active. Self-hypnosis is easy to learn and to use. Don’t like to exercise? Hypnotherapy can change that for you.

Write to me and tell me about the exercise you get working in your garden.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I stay strong and have fun doing it. 

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