Are you there yetA question that I often raise to clients at the Seattle weight loss hypnosis office of Roger Moore is, “Are you there yet?” In my Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss program it is really more about the journey than it is the destination. But, how you define your weight loss success is important. If you are thinking that your life will be magical and that you will suddenly be happy when the scale tells you that you have arrived, you will be disappointed. At Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore you learn how to be happy and how to create the magic in your life. It’s your emotions that dictate your weight.

Are you there yet?

But wait, there’s an important question you must answer: What is the last thing that has to happen for you to know that you are at your goal weight? This may sound strange, and it’s one of the many times that I get odd looks from clients suggesting that I have too many holes in my head, but it is an important question for you to answer. You must be able to certify your success.

The obvious impulse answer is “getting on the scales!” But when people really think it through, rarely is it about a number on the scale. Sometimes I hear: “Standing in front of a dressing room mirror in my new size eight dress and seeing how it fits my lean body perfectly.” Or “Wearing that new swimsuit on a white sand Maui beach and not being self-conscious.” Or “Being able to play 18 holes of golf and not be tired and know that I look and feel fit.” These responses are getting at what I consider to be the real answer, which is an internal feeling.

Sadly, some people do reach their goal weight and don’t know it; they still see a fat person in their mirror. Eventually, if they stick with their maintenance plan, they reach a time when they do realize they’ve done it. At that point, they look back at early pictures taken when they first reached their ideal weight and realize how great they looked. This often happens to yoyo dieters who had never before felt satisfied, never felt complete within themselves; they were always searching but never felt good enough.

All too often people believe that when they release their extra weight, life will suddenly be wonderful. But like anything else, no matter where you go—there you are! Taking pounds off will not make an unhappy person happy. In fact, it is your emotions that dictate your weight. When you are emotionally healthy, your body will follow.

So, it is important to certify what it means to be at your ideal weight. When deciding to release weight, define in tangible terms how you will know when you have reached your goal.

Maintenance is a time of patience and persistence. Maintenance is a lengthy process where time is an ally. You do not have to get everything right all at once or even all the time.

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At Seattle Weight Loss Hypnosis with Roger Moore you too can create the magic in your life so that you can let go of the excess weight, keep it off and improve your health. No matter where you may live, hypnosis for weight loss is available for you. If you live too far from Puget Sound, the Hypnosis Health Info Virtual Office is available for you.

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