Last Saturday the hypnosis MP3 download was Knee Pain Relief and this week it is Hip Pain Relief. Hypnosis Downloads offers quality hypnosis downloads many of which are available through the Hypnosis Health Info Store. If you are struggling with hip pain, or other health issues, visit the Hypnosis Health Info Store now and discover the hypnosis books, CDs and MP3 downloads that are available for you.

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Thousands of studies have been carried out into how hypnosis relieves pain, and it is now widely accepted that it works by having the brain ignore the pain signals. That is, the nerves still generate the signal, but the brain takes no notice and so does not generate the pain sensation. Many people who have either tired of drugs or for whom they have become ineffective have got hip pain relief with hypnosis.

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I considered the option of creating all of my own MP3 recordings for the Hypnosis Health Info Store, but honestly, there are just too many good products out there and it just didn’t seem to me to be the best use of my time. Sure, from time to time I will add my own new MP3 recordings, but I will continue to carry products that I trust and respect.

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