You really do have to want your goal. You have to be committed make it happen. With self-hypnosis you can make that commitment to your goal and dig deep to use your inner resources to make it happen. At my Seattle hypnosis, Bainbridge Island hypnosis and Forks hypnosis offices you can learn hypnosis and apply the tools of hypnotherapy to create success in your life.

Without really thinking it through I signed on for another heart rate training spin class at the gym. It is Tuesday mornings from 5:00 to 6:30. This class is a fund raiser for Hannah’s Hopeful Hearts. I paid my fee (donation for brain cancer research) and showed up for the first class. About an hour into the class we’d been at 80% to 85% of our maximum heart rate for awhile and and Kathi, our instructor wanted us to pop up to 90% and hold it for about 5 minutes. Shortly into it she said. “You’ve got to want this. Dig deep.” In that moment I realized that I was cruising, – not committed.  I doubt that I actually would have put in the extra effort had she not said that. I most likely would have held in the 80% – 85% range. I had to ask myself what my purpose was in being here. Was it simply to make a donation to Hannah’s Hopeful Hearts? If that was it, I had already done that, why did I get out of bed at 4:15 AM and show up? At that point I made the decision that since I was there I was going to get the most value from the class and with self-hypnosis I dug deep and put the energy into it that I needed to get my heart rate up to almost 95% and held it.

I frequently have conversations with clients about why do they want to lose weight, stop smoking, improve their relationship, overcome a disease or improve their sports performance. Much of the time people are stuck for an answer and don’t know why they want their goal and wonder why they haven’t yet succeeded. Stopping smoking because a spouse wants you to is most likely going to end in another failed attempt. The smoker has to be sick of it and wants to quit because they want to – not because they should.

A women came in for a Slender For Life™ hypnosis weight loss consultation and said she needed to lose about 45 pounds. She was willing to pay the money and show up, but not willing to read my book, Becoming Slender For Life, or listen to the hypnosis CDs to support her in her goal. I told her that wouldn’t work – that would be like buying a gym membership, showing up and sitting in the lounge and never going out on the floor to pump iron or do any cardio and then wondering why it didn’t work! She didn’t want her goal enough to dig deep and make it happen. She wasn’t willing to do her part.

Where in your life do you use wishful thinking without commitment to achieve your goals? Do you really want to achieve your goal? Are you willing to dig deep to make it happen? If you are, then consider putting hypnotherapy to work for you. Learn hypnosis and make positive changes in your life.

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I dig deep and achieve my goals.

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