OMG! Do you know how hot dogs are made?! A mouthwatering meal?! Did you see the trimmings and all the corn syrup? And to think as a kid in grade school my favorite sack lunch was a sandwich of 2 cold hot dogs on white bread. I must have eating hundreds of these disgusting things. No wonder I was so fat. (Along with all the cookies and bacon fat and …) And every week there are more and more studies about childhood obesity and high blood pressure and heart disease. When will we as a society start caring about our kids?

Just two weeks ago I wrote Here – Have Some Chicken McNuggets and on June 10 I wrote Hot Dogs Can Strike You Out. Processed meats are far more likely to increase your chances of diabetes and heart disease, when compared to unprocessed. Childhood obesity and its associated diseases are a preventable epidemic. Each one of us individually can make a difference.

Vote with your wallet. Only buy real food. Real food or earth food, looks like it was dug out of the earth, picked off of a plant or a bush or out of a tree. A plant based diet can be affordable, quick and easy and taste delicious. Given the opportunity, kids love plant based meals.

Let’s put an end to childhood obesity and support programs like  Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

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I provide my family healthy food that really demonstrates that I love and care for them.

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