Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny

In spite of what you may think, your DNA is not your destiny. Way back in 2009, I wrote a post titled, Obesity and Food Addictions May Have a Genetic Basis. In that same post I wrote, “You no longer have to be a victim of your genetics.

I’m very aware of my genetic predisposition to gain weight and I used that as an excuse when I weighed 120 pounds more than I do now. Many in my family were overweight or even obese and so that was my excuse.

And I know how easy it is for me to put on a few extra pounds if I’m not careful. I’ve said that I can gain weight watching someone else eat ice cream! But, not to worry, I’m not a victim to my genetics. 

When I was obese, I was labeled as prediabetic and borderline high blood pressure. Thanks to weight loss hypnosis I have the power of choice and I no longer have to eat the foods and drink the beverages that make people fat and sick. And, I exercise.

Now, my blood pressure is no longer a concern and my blood sugars ae excellent – even though I’m still genetically predisposed to be overweight.

Lifestyle choices like food and exercise do play a role in cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, heart health and other illnesses. Don’t be a victim to your genetics!


You no longer have to be a victim of your genetics.

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Genes provide the nature; nutrition and life-style factors provide the nurture.

Genes only establish the potential for disease

What a difference it would make if we could just remember that genes only establish the potential for disease; they do not alone cause disease. We must understand, appreciate, and therefore act upon those factors responsible for expressing or exposing the hidden genetic messages.

Could it not be that the gene responsible for Alzheimer’s disease is similar in its expression to the liver gene and could be repressed by eating less meat or some other food? Indeed, the underlying message in The New York Times articles seems to be that the main reason for gene testing is that it enables us to track diseases more closely so we can then determine when surgery or some other serious intervention may be necessary. The genes provide the nature; nutrition and life-style factors provide the nurture.

Read Are Your Genes Hazardous to Your Health? By T. Colin Campbell, PhD

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My genes provide the nature; My nutrition and life-style factors provide the nurture.

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