Your greatest life

On one of the morning shows Marilyn heard someone say that “Your greatest life is on the other side of your greatest fear.”

That reminded me of a Will Smith YouTube clip where he tells of his first experience of parachuting out of a plane and of the terror that he felt leading up to the jump. He ends his story with “God placed the best things in life on the other side of terror.”

Will Smith goes on to say that, “Confrontation with fear is an absolute magical way of facing the things that we have to do in this life. Forget security. Live for experience.”

Your greatest life

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I am creating my greatest life.


People tell me about their fear holding them back from getting what they want in life. Fear holds them back from getting their greatest life.

In one online session with a young man he was talking to me about proposing to his girlfriend. This is a topic that has come up in several recent sessions. The couple has dated for more than two years and have lived together for over a year. He says that they are very much in love and he knows that she is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

They have discussed marriage and both want to be married to each other. He even asked her father for his blessing and received it. And, his cousin has suggested that he use his grandmother’s ring. Neither of them wants a large, fancy or expensive wedding.

When I asked, “So when will you ask her to marry you?” He went silent – he didn’t know. He began to talk about how he had always imagined that he would be more financially secure when got married and he talked about finding the “right time” to ask her. And, he again mentioned financial security when he talked about having children.

When is the right time?

I asked, “So, when is the right time?” and “how much money do you need?” He was stumped for answers.

We began talking about fear and the fear of asking the love of his life to marry him. He wasn’t afraid that she’d say “no” and he realized that he really had no basis for his fear. He just felt afraid.

After our session ended, I emailed him the link to the Will Smith YouTube clip. I don’t know what he will decide. My goal for him is that he makes the choice that is right for him at this time and that he makes the decision being his Best Self. Making a decision from fear will not get him his greatest life.

Are you living your greatest life?

Are you living your greatest life? Where is fear holding you back? When you are being the Greatest Expression of You, that fear will probably still be there. But then you can acknowledge the fear and move through the fear with wisdom.

“Your greatest life is on the other side of your greatest fear.”

Watch Will Smith

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