Enjoy the Ride

The other day I started my truck and caught the tale end of a segment on NPR. I don’t even know what the story was about – but here is what I heard: Life is the difference between the trip you planned and the trip you take.

WOW! I have been mulling on that one for several days now. While splitting wood I was thinking about my plans and that some things in my life are not going exactly as I had planned. I began to think about what I needed to do to shift my reality to my plan and I could feel the stress building within me.  OH – the the trip I planned vs. the trip I was taking!

So, using self-hypnosis, I let go of the stress I was creating and gave myself suggestions about attracting abundance and about acceptance. Often my trip in life is not what I had planned. There have been times when I forced my plan. But, what I have found is that when I use hypnosis to focus my intentions and allow for more than I could imagine, I am given more – I’m not limited to just my plan.

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I fully experience my journey in this life.