Studies repeatedly show that weight loss hypnosis is powerful and effective and using the same tools women can alter eating habits for a healthier pregnancy. Using the same hypnosis for weight loss tools, pregnant women can take control of what they are eating and how much they are eating to support a healthy pregnancy.

According to the Autumn 2008 issue of PCRM‘s Good Medicine, a new study shows that some of its benefits may be unexpected. According to the study, fiber consumption during the first three months of pregnancy can reduce the risk of developing preeclampsia, a condition with potentially lethal complications. Fiber, or plant roughage, is found in vegetables, fruits, beans and grains. Preeclampsia is characterized by high blood pressure and protein in urine and develops during and immediately after pregnancy and can affect both women and their infants.

Not only can you lose weight with hypnosis, you can use self-hypnosis to manage healthy eating behavior and maintain your healthy weight. To understand hypnotherapy and to learn how to hypnotize yourself read Moore On Hypnosis and watch Light Switch Self-Hypnosis.

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