In Are you Creating Hell Out Of Heaven I ended by writing that “With hypnosis you can move out of the addictive cycle of fear and anxiety and create an internal atmosphere that is supportive, gentle and empowering.” Negative thinking is a habit that can be physically, mentally and emotionally addicting.

As human beings we have a penchant to be right and one of the easiest and most sure fire ways of being right is to predict failure – that something can and will go wrong. So when you predict that someone will be late and they are, you then get to be right and justified in your position. Your thoughts are powerful. Should the person show up on time, it’s still too late. The story created in the mind has already set off the Fight or Flight Response.

Your body becomes addicted to the burst of chemicals caused by the Fight or Flight Response as the stimulating thrill of adrenalin rushes through you. The intensity of the feelings creates a high that is seductively captivating creating an emotional experience that might not be pleasant but it’s certainly not boring and it lets you know that you are alive. And, as with any other drug, you get used to this rush and it begins to feel lackluster pushing you to want an even greater feeling of intensity – just like when one bite-size Snickers was enough and now it takes the whole bag.

Over time the buildup of stress chemicals in your body caused by the Fight or Flight Response begins to weaken your immune system leaving you primed for disease or injury. And to add insult to injury, the actual reality is that none of the events you have imagined have come true. Your awfulizing is only your own imagination – not your reality!

So what can you do? Use your powerful thoughts and create a reality that is supportive, healthy and empowering. You can do this by using the mindfulness based tools such as self hypnosis that I provide for you here at Hypnosis Health Info.

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