This weeks featured hypnosis MP3 download is Emotion Trigger for Autoimmune Disease. You are the master of your thoughts and feelings.  Thoughts always precede action.  You control your thoughts and every action.  You are always aware of your thoughts and emotions.  You control your thoughts and emotions easily and effortlessly.  Your thoughts flow with enthusiasm to achieve a healthy you.  Take control of your thoughts and emotions with this hypnosis MP3 download from the Hypnosis Health Info Store.

Emotion Trigger for Autoimmune Disease

You want to look and feel your best. It’s OK to be healthy. You have nothing to gain from dis-ease. You deserve to be healthy. You are self-confident, internally and externally. You are creating a new positive reality. You now experience all the warmth and joy of life while detaching from the negativity.

You are patient, calm, and harmoniously centered at all times. Your inner calmness facilitates your wellness. You immediately forgive yourself for judging yourself for any mistake you make. You strive to be yourself, focusing on the progress you are making. You are progressing wonderfully day-by-day. You are always aware of the excellent changes you are making in your life. You are becoming more persistent as you work towards accomplishing small and large changes.

Emotion Trigger for Autoimmune Disease is available for immediate download for only $12.97. Length: 27:36

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My inner calmness facilitates my wellness.

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