I’ve selected Emotion Trigger for Weight Loss as this weeks hypnosis MP3 download from the Hypnosis Health Info Store. Emotion Trigger has been a popular weight loss recording for many years at Slender For Life™.

Emotion Trigger For Weight Loss

Whenever thoughts of eating arise, your mind creates a mental stop sign. You see a stop sign between you and the food and you hear the word STOP resounding though your mind and body, and you stop and think, do I really need this? You listen to your mind. You are in control.

Imagine… pretend you are in a situation in the past when you used eating to react to stress, emotion, and boredom. Imagine you are there right now and begin to feel the early warning signals of stress. You automatically take a deep breath & slowly exhale. You feel a wonderful wave of relaxation flow over you and within you. You are relaxed and in control and solve the problem calmly. Now, see yourself in another situation that would have in the past caused you to stress eat. This time see yourself, feel yourself, choosing to take a deep breath and relax. Instead of thinking or reaching for food, STOP, and immediately become interested in something else, some other activity that is healthy and rewarding either mentally or physically.
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I stop and think, “Do I really need this?”

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