I have written previously about childhood obesity and lack of exercise amongst high school students and younger children, but I found this report particularly disturbing. Not only are kids not exercising, they are drinking more soda. Childhood obesity is a preventable epidemic that is fueling our rising healthcare costs. Our nation’s economic recovery is dependent on healthcare reform. But, healthcare reform begins with each of us taking responsibility for our own healthcare. To reform healthcare, each of us must give healthcare to our won body by eating healthy food, drinking water and with exercise.

Only 12% of High School Students Get Enough Exercise

WebMD Health News, June 16, 2011: Two new reports provide a snapshot of the physical activity and beverage habits of U.S. high school students. About one in 10 high school students gets the recommended amount of aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise, and nearly a quarter of students drink at least one sugary soda every day.

In the physical activity study, 12.2% of high school students met the Healthy People 2020 objective for aerobic and muscle-strengthening physical activity, which calls for 60 or more minutes of aerobic activity every day and some muscle strengthening on three or more days per week. Healthy People 2020 sets 10-year national goals for improving the health of Americans. The students at greatest risk for inactivity were female, obese, and upper classmen, the study showed.

In the beverage study, 72.4% of high school students reported drinking at least one serving of water each day in the week before the survey, 42% had one or more glasses of milk, and 30.2% drank at least one serving of 100% fruit juice every day. But 24.3% drank at least one serving of regular soda each day, 16.1% drank a sports drink each day, and just shy of 17% had another sugar-sweetened beverage, such as lemonade, sweetened tea, coffee drinks, or flavored milk every day, the study showed.

Children and teens need to be encouraged to exercise more and consume fewer empty calories, including sugary sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages. Lowing the rate and risk of childhood obesity must be a national priority. We are seeing obesity-related diseases that were formerly only diagnosed in adults in children.

Read Only 12% of High School Students Get Enough Exercise

Healthcare reform has to be a family affair. As parents, it is our job to lead the way with healthy eating, drinking water and with exercise. Kids will notice the example that we set. If we as adults give healthcare to our body, our kids will have a better chance to grow up healthy. Hypnosis can help you and your family to be motivated to exercise, eat healthy and to drink water.

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