The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur, The Practical Path to a Business that Fits Just-Right is this weeks Hypnosis Health Info Store featured product. Self employment can be challenging so if you are in business for yourself or are thinking of creating your own business, then this book is for you.I recommend Molly Gordon’s book to all my business hypnosis clients. If you are about creating success and abundance in your life, then The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur and self-hypnosis can pave your way to liberty in your life.

The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur by Molly Gordon

There’s no secret to success if all you want is money. But for your business to fit just right, it needs to be in sync with a heap of other things you won’t find in business books. Spirituality. Relationships. Habits of the mind and emotions. Creativity. Even the way you use your body affects how you respond to opportunities and communicate with others.

“Everything good that has ever happened to me came in spite of my efforts. Everything that has gone wrong has my fingerprints all over it.” ~ Molly Gordon ~

Are you turned off by marketing and sales…but you need to promote your work to make a living?

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Over the years many business people have come to me for hypnosis for success. Since the publication of  The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur I have recommended that these clients learn hypnosis and use Molly Gordon’s book as one of their success tools.

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