Enhancing Your Immune System ~ Hypnosis MP3 downloadEnhancing Your Immune System is this weeks featured Hypnosis MP3 download from the Hypnosis Health Info Store. If you are living with an autoimmune disease, cancer or other illness or simply have a head cold, this hypnosis recording is for you. Research performed at Washington State University in Pullman found that hypnosis strengthens two different types of immune cells that fight off disease. In my Seattle hypnosis, Bainbridge hypnosis and now with the Hypnosis Health Info Internet Office, you can learn medical hypnosis to enhance your immune system.

Enhancing Your Immune System

Send a message down through your central nervous system to release these powerful cells to any place in your body that is in need. These cells are helpers, protectors and healers. They are your friends. Length: 27:28
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Researchers from Ohio State University have determined that hypnotherapy can prevent the immune system from weakening due to stress. Hypnosis helps strengthen the immune system through relaxation. For people who worry a lot, are anxious, or are easily distracted, hypnosis helps them calm down so that their immune system does not weaken due to the stress. When hypnosis is induced in a person, relaxation techniques are used. Stress is a main contributor to a weakened immune system. Learn medical hypnosis to reduce your stress and enhance your immune system.

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