Hypnosis-MP3-download-Holographic-Body-for-Autoimmune-DiseaseThis weeks hypnosis MP3 download is the Holographic Body for Autoimmune Disease. If you have ever been in the haunted house at Disney Land or have watched Star Wars, you know have seen a hologram. Using the power of your own imagination, create an image of a hologram of your own body. With Holographic Body for Autoimmune Disease you can shape and heal your body.

Holographic Body for Autoimmune Disease

Imagine, an image or awareness of the spiral, double helix that is called DNA. You’ve seen pictures and heard descriptions of this elegant, twisting image, holding within itself all of the information of the physical reality and structure of our life.

Now, as this becomes easier and clearer in your mind, notice there are sixty-four gleaming points spread throughout this rotating image. Some of these points radiate in a manner that allows you to know that they are currently active and others simply glow with the potential of activity.

As they rotate there, your intuition… your inner guidance … lets you know… that a natural aspect of these points is that at different times they switch off and on in various combinations to provide the necessary information to all the cells of your body, most effectively dealing with the constantly changing universe of your experience. And realize that you truly are sculpting your own body. Healing and contouring your own body.

It is the highest charge of the unconscious mind to have maximum efficiency in the body. Dis-ease causes depletion of body energy. And realize that any dis-ease is… counterproductive to efficiency. So it would be within the charge of the unconscious mind now to maintain the body at the highest level … the level of efficiency requiring the least amount of energy … to be productive … by increasing the vibratory rate…. Allowing for victory … allowing for healing … a state of healing … a state of flexibility … which is the highest charge of the unconscious mind, … preservation of the self … NOW. With this new balance in your life, this new vibration as you are in charge of every aspect of your life. NOW.

Holographic Body for Autoimmune Disease is available for immediate download for only $12.97. Length: 21:46

(First published March 10, 2012)

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