Since I have been on a kick about childhood obesity I got to thinking about a 1999 study by the Center for Science in the Public Interest that said that in 1978 the typical teenage boy in the U.S. drank about 7 ounces of soda every day. In 1999, that was up to 21 ounces. In that same time period, soda consumption doubled in teenage girls. Today, a significant number of teenagers drink 5 or more cans of soda each day. Each can of soda contains the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar. What’s even more startling is that one-fifth of the nation’s two-year-olds now drink soda!

I remember as a high school student participating in protests at my high school to be able to wear blue jeans and to get Coke machines into the student lounge. We won and got to wear our blue jeans and Coke & Pepsi machines showed up on campus. The school district thought this was a great way to make money and then even tried to encourage pop sales by allowing soda consumption in the class room. Thank goodness more and more schools today are taking the soda machines out of our schools.

I met with a 10th grade girl & her mom on Friday for weight loss for the girl. She is so excited about the opportunity to use hypnotherapy to lose the weight and is excited that that she will learn self-hypnosis and use it in the classroom, on the swim team and on the basketball court. I loved that her mom was honest with me and shared that while I came with an impressive list of professional referrals, she naturally was concerned about leaving her teen with a man who was going to be giving her hypnotic suggestions. The teen and her mom are close and she had no problems allowing mom to be in my office during her sessions. So while mom is not overweight, mom will also receive the benefit of hypnosis.