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Today’s post, The Case for High-Quality Fuel is written by good friend and colleague, Kelley T. Woods, CHt. Kelley attended the bariatric counseling and hypnosis class that Richard Nongard and I taught earlier this month here in Seattle. Richard emphasized the importance of nutrient dense food to the class and as a result Kelley made this video. This video clearly demonstrates the importance of nutritional density and I will be recommending it to Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss clients.

The Case for High-Quality Fuel
by Kelley T. Woods, CHt

As a practicing clinical hypnotherapist, a good portion of my clientele present with overweight issues. It is common knowledge that the numbers of overweight and obese people are growing at alarming rates, as are the accompanying health risks and problems.

Weight issues are complex, with contributing factors coming from many directions: volume and type of food consumed, physical activity levels, emotional factors, medication influences and more. When I work with a client for weight loss, I am like a detective…searching for clues in these areas. More often than not, a certain culprit is discovered: the client is regularly consuming a high amount of “highly palatable” and unhealthy foods.

Reasons why people might indulge in this behavior include:
• These foods are addictive in nature
• These foods are convenient
• These foods come in volume; large portions
• These foods provide temporary satisfaction only, leading to desire for more
• Advertising makes these foods appealing
• People identify these foods with comfort and reward

Many people grew up with the concept that if you burned more calories than you took in, that you would lose weight. Conversely, if you took in more calories than you burned, you would gain weight. Despite any aversion to math, we grasped that idea and used it to keep excess weight, for the most part, at bay.

Enter the new generation of highly palatable foods, which made their appearance in force over the last few decades. Until this time, people were content with smaller portions of sugary or fatty foods and drinks, perhaps enjoying them as an occasional treat or during the holidays. They still got the bulk of their nutrition from traditional meals of meat, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Not only do the highly palatable foods set you up for wanting more, with diminishing dopamine rewards, they deliver little, if any, true nutritional value. I found that my clients were consuming these types of food from nearly the moment they woke in the morning until late at night. Some of them even woke in the middle of the night to eat more! They all reported that while they enjoyed the taste of the food, it never really filled them up.

When you view my video that demonstrates how someone who is actually eating large volumes of food can actually be under-nourished, it becomes easier to understand how many people lose control of their weight.

Lots of people, whether they are overweight or not, really do want to eat better and improve their health, but they find it challenging to create alternative eating habits and nearly impossible to stick with them long term. Life is busy and the idea of another diet is disheartening, so they continue as normal.

So how do we break the cycle of pretending that highly palatable foods are somehow nourishing? How do we change those old preferences of loving sweets and high fat, refined foods to new, healthy choices of whole foods? Well, one sound approach is educating ourselves about nutrition and then employing our creative imagination to help us make the changes we desire.

It is entirely possible to change our preferences! We can do it gradually over time, and we can also, with the help of hypnosis, do it more quickly. Either way, the goal is for permanent change, getting us out of the dieting rut and onto a comfortable path of nutrient-dense eating that supports a healthy lifestyle.

As Americans, we live in a nation which loves its cars. We take great pride in our vehicles, spending a lot of time, attention and money on them. We also take care to buy adequate insurance for our beloved cars.

I wonder if you can think of your body as the vehicle of your life. If you fueled your car with gas that was equivalent to those highly palatable foods, it would soon break down. When you put premium foods in your body, your body thrives and operates at optimum performance! You might even think of nutrient-dense foods as insurance for your body!

Kelley T. Woods is a certified hypnotherapist with a private practice, operating in Skagit County, WA since 2002.

Woods Hypnosis Center
1310 E. College Way, Mount Vernon, WA 98273
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I am honored that Kelley allowed me to use her video in today’s post and that she agreed to be today’s guest. I have the greatest respect for Kelley and I have referred people to her for hypnosis services.

If you are ready to give up nutrient deficient food for premium nutrient-rich foods, hypnosis for weight loss can help you use your creative imagination to help you make the changes you desire.

Thank you Kelley for helping us to better understand
the importance of nutrient dense food!

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I fuel my body, which is the vehicle of my life, with premium, nutrient-rich foods.

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