Did you know that a leafy green salad and vegetables everyday will lower your chances of lung cancer by 50%? Breast cancer kills fewer women than lung cancer, which accounts for nearly 30% of ALL cancer deaths among both genders.

Smoking accounts for 90% of all lung cancers so stopping smoking is obviously the first and foremost way to protect yourself. If you’re struggling to quit smoking you can begin lowering your risk by eating more flavonoids from fruit and vegetables. Researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) analyzing the diets of nearly 1,400 smokers found that each three servings of vegetables and fruit a day reduced lung cancer risk by over 40%.

Of particular benefit are apples, berries, onions, Brussels sprouts, and green and black tea. These supply particular flavonoids which fight cancer by inhibiting blood flow to tumors and shielding DNA from free-radical damage. Remember to choose whole foods over supplements, since research shows that certain antioxidant pills can double the risk of lung cancer among current/former smokers.

Also, the consumption of red meat can increase your lung cancer risk by 20%.

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I love eating a leafy green salad every day.

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