Putting exhilaration back in exercise is this weeks reading from Becoming Slender For Life. Becoming more active can be fun and enjoyable and it doesn’t have to require hours of your time each day. Hypnosis for exercise can help you put the exhilaration back in to exercise. You too can learn self hypnosis and discover that the excitement of increasing your level of activity.

Putting exhilaration back in exercise

Yet despite being a requirement for health, there’s no reason exercise can’t be fun, too! If you’re having trouble getting motivated, think back to activities you may have enjoyed as a kid. Is there something there you could try again as a first step? Going bowling or roller skating or dancing are all fine ways to return to being active. Today, most community centers, YMCAs and gyms offer all sorts of classes and activities designed to take the boredom out of exercise. Especially if you hated gym class, try not to think of your new exercise program in that light. You get to decide what kind of activity you’ll do, and you get to set your pace. The important thing is to start somewhere.

Sherry hadn’t exercised in years, but when she thought about what kind of activity used to please her, the answer was simple: playing in the pool. Not swimming laps, but splashing around with friends and playing water games is the pleasant image she remembered from her childhood.

“I hadn’t been in a pool in years, so I was delighted to discover all the innovations in water exercise that took place while I was being a slug! I immediately tried all the different types of classes at my neighborhood pool and then signed up for the one I liked best. Doing water aerobics in a big group to lively music is so much fun that it doesn’t seem like exercise. And best of all, working out in the water eliminates the joint pains I used to feel whenever I attempted something on dry land.

“Now I wouldn’t dream of missing my days at the pool, and I’m even planning on putting one in my backyard so I won’t have any excuse not to swim every day. And you know what else? I’ve even learned to love lap swimming! I use a snorkel and mask so it doesn’t hurt my neck, and I’m up to 30 minutes every time—and that’s after a full water workout. I’m a regular mermaid!”

The buddy system works for some people, but beware of who you choose. Make sure his or her motivation is as strong—or stronger—than yours. Otherwise, your jogging partner may end up convincing you to stop before you want to, or worse, give up all together. If you prefer to workout with friends, try to enlist many people who enjoy lots of different activities. That way you aren’t subject to the backsliding of just one buddy.

If you’re a hard case—and you know who you are—it may take nothing short of paying good money to a personal trainer to put you through a workout. If that’s what it takes, then it’s money well spent. After a few weeks of establishing good exercise patterns with a trainer, you will probably be able to keep it up on your own. But there’s a reason Hollywood stars look as good as they do—most of them work with a trainer five days a week to attain and maintain their optimal fitness level. I’m not suggesting you go to those extremes, but if you can’t seem to make yourself get out of your recliner, then hiring a trainer is a good solution. Any gym or fitness center will be able to recommend qualified trainers.

Here’s what Alice had to say about it. “I’ve been an on-again, off-again exerciser all my life, so when I decided to finally get serious about it, I joined my community rec center. They offered a free orientation to the weight machines, but it wasn’t enough to make me feel comfortable using them. I have a history of back injuries, so I was afraid to push myself.

“That’s when I decided to hire Brandon to teach me the safe way to use everything. It was the best thing I could’ve done! He was very patient with me and understood my concerns. After that, I also consulted my chiropractor and showed him drawings of the machines I had questions about and asked his advice as to which ones were okay for me to use. I’m glad I did, because there were a few he urged me to skip. I’m 58, and knew I had to be careful to avoid more injuries.

“By making sure I know what I’m doing and using only weight machines that are approved for me, I can now enjoy my workouts with peace of mind. Whenever I feel I’m stuck and no longer progressing as I want to, I do another session with Brandon and add some new moves to my program. Plus, just seeing him in the gym helping other members reminds me what he taught me. Now when I have to miss a scheduled workout, I’m actually annoyed! That sure is a new me!”

From Becoming Slender For Life, second edition,
pages 176 – 178

It is never too late to start exercising. When my Mom lived with us or a few months at the age of 88 and we got her into an exercise regimen that she continues now at age 90. Some days it her exercise is making laps with her walker in her house and sitting in her chair doing leg lifts. What she really loves to do is walk every isle at Wallmart! That’s exhilaration for her now.

Hypnosis for exercise can help you put the fun into being more active. And, when you are more active, you are less likely to eat and will most likely make healthier choices.

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