As I was researching mind body medicine to record some new hypnosis MP3 downloads I was excited to see the gaining momentum and mind body medicine seems to have. More and more doctors understand that the mind holds so much power over pleasure and pain that they are looking to the mental and emotional source of disease rather than simply treating the symptoms. As a medical hypnotherapist much of the work that I do in cancer centers, hospitals and in my office in the Seattle Medical Dental Building and on Bainbridge Island is coaching people on resolving the source, controlling pain, managing stress and improving health and wellness. Mind body techniques like hypnosis can help you use the power within you for your healing.

Pelvic Pain: The Bare Truth

Psychology Today, June 3, 2012, by Shawn A. Tassone, M.D.: Not sure what I was going to do with the patient I agreed to see her. About 30 minutes later my medical assistant called her name and brought back to one of our exam rooms. The patient was hunched over into an ambulatory fetal-position and her steps were taken with thoughtful care. I walked into the room behind her and helped her to the table. The look of anguish on her face was completely disarming. I sat in a chair across from her and began taking a history. She claimed the pain came on as a thunderclap about two weeks ago and since that time she has had this unrelenting course and has been unable to leave her house; with this she began to cry.

In my clinical mind I was going through the medical and surgical management when I glanced behind her and saw a tapestry I have hanging on my wall that represents the Seven Chakras, or energetic centers of Ayurvedic Medicine. The First or Root Chakra being the pelvis and sacrum represents connection to family and relationships. Looking at this I was struck by the fact that she was describing a pain or blockage in this first chakra so I asked her a question, “Have you had any issues in the last few weeks with regards to relationships or family?”

Her crying immediately ceased and she looked up. Very sharply she stated, “Well two weeks ago my husband told me he was having an affair!”

“Well” I said “It’s easy to understand when we have stress that we might get migraines. You were hurt by an intimate relationship so maybe this is simply a migraine in your pelvis.”

She then finished the story, “When he told me about the affair I began sobbing and immediately I remembered when I was 18 and was raped by two men who then tried to drown me.” I was caught staring in amazement and what we had both just discovered. This traumatic event from 20 years earlier had been repressed and her husband’s infidelity had pulled off the scab and the wound was as raw as ever. We talked for some time about her past and present issues and I referred her that same day to a psychologist. When she returned to see me in two weeks her pain was significantly improved and she was working on dealing with the issues of life.

Read Pelvic Pain: The Bare Truth

Dr. Tassone is credited with infusing the term “nonlocal mind” into the modern-day vernacular. Nonlocal mind refers to the presumed source of a broad range of interactions that are beyond the comprehension of the physical senses, including intuition, synchronicity (simultaneous occurrences), and spontaneous healing. According to Dr. Larry Dossey, it’s this ability to affect physical cure for yourself and others by means of a singular nonlocal mind – or Mind for those who consider this a divine consciousness – that represents the most advanced “Era of Medicine.”

“It makes sense to me that at some point that wave is going to break, or hit a break point where this nonlocal healing has to happen,” says Tassone, relating this concept to his earlier mathematical researches. “I don’t think it’s something that you can avoid. ” (M.D. says wave of mind-body medicine gaining momentum)

If you are struggling with pain, illness or disease, mind body hypnosis can help you improve your health and wellness. Using mindfulness hypnosis you can give loving care to your mind, body and spirit. Your body was made to be healthy and it was made to heal. Learn hypnosis and put the power within you to work for you.

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