I just spent the November 3 – 5 at the Seattle Counseling and Hypnotherapy Conference Fall 2011 with Richard Nongard, Melissa Roth and participants from California, British Columbia, Alberta and Washington. It wax an amazing 3 days of learning from each other. I am proud that Roger Moore’s Institute of Hypnotherapy was the sponsor of this excellent conference. And the exciting news is that March 1, 2 & 3 of 2012, Richard Nongard and I will be offering The Science of Change.

On Thursday, Richard Nongard spoke on Ending the Cycle of Addiction. In this one day workshop you we learned from one of the nation’s foremost addictions experts methods for ending the cycle of addiction, stopping compulsive behavior and control physical withdrawal. Addiction is effectively halted using methods of clinical hypnosis. They say “nicotine is as addictive as heroin” and the research shows hypnosis is one of the most effective treatments for nicotine dependency. One has to wonder then why hypnosis is not more widely used in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, and in the addiction to food, gambling and other addictions? We learned both how to integrate hypnosis into other treatment modalities, including 12-step work and how to use hypnosis as a primary intervention apart from other treatment programs.

On Friday, Melissa Roth taught us everything we need to know to successfully perform therapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. She covered anatomy and physiology, conventional tests, information on drugs and their side effects, conventional treatments, hypnotic therapy, word-for-word scripts, nutritional information, client educational information, handouts, marketing tips and more. I was honored to co-teach with Melissa and to be able to talk on diet and exercise.

Saturday Melissa Roth and I taught how to use hypnosis for Autoimmune Disease. Melissa Roth and I have been partnering in the development of this autoimmune disease protocol for the past four years.  This course is based on our own personal success with overcoming autoimmune disease and the success we have witnessed with our clients.

The feedback from the participants was overwhelming positive. I was told repeatedly from individuals that they received a great deal of information that was practical and informative that they can put to use in their practice. One of my joys is that participants who were had no previous hypnosis experience told me in person and wrote on their evaluations that they could use what we taught in their own practice.

Now for the exciting news! March 1, 2 & 3, 2012.

The Science of Change:

How to do 33 Specific Techniques Utilizing Evidenced based Protocols in Counseling, Social Work, Coaching and Hypnotherapy

Richard Nongard and Roger Moore

This workshop is a virtual encyclopedia of outcome based treatment techniques that have demonstrated efficacy in counseling, coaching and hypnotherapy. You will learn 33 strategies based in a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of change that you can utilize with adults and adolescents in both community, institutional and private practice work.

Thursday night 7:00- 9:00 Interventions for Psychosexual Disorder Treatment

Friday-Saturday 9:00-5:00 each day. Covering specific interventions in depression, anxiety, and anger, coping strategies, altering subconscious life scripts, arresting compulsive behaviors, sex addiction, pathological gambling, impulsivity, health concerns and stress related medical disorders.

This conference is for counselors, social workers, coaches and hypnotherapists.

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